drei PUMA Mitarbeiter im NOHO

Impressions: Apprentices

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Junior Administrator IT Marco
Marco Preissinger Junior Administrator IT Communication Systems

Going Far

I came across PUMA as employer by chance through a job portal. I have known PUMA as one of the leading sporting goods outfitters, though. However, I didn’t have any idea that it’s also a training company for IT specialists for system integration. This mix of computer science and sports has made PUMA incredibly attractive for me, as I am both sporty and technically savvy. After I got informed about the training at PUMA, I quickly decided to apply there for an apprenticeship.

The training at PUMA has been marked by countless highlights which I particularly remember. One of them was a four-day business trip to Austria (Salzburg and Vienna) to build WAN-Accelerators and troubleshooting on-site.

Another was the first visit of our Global Service Desk team from Manila in Herzogenaurach. Working, exchanging and spending time together with our Filipino colleagues has just been fun.

Especially the many personal encounters with international colleagues have shaped me tremendously. I was welcomed with open arms in each department and everyone treated me directly like a full team member. The end of my apprenticeship was crowned by the presentation of a special prize in recognition for my excellent conduct and performance during my time at vocational school. The prize was awarded to me by the parliamentary state secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Therefore, you can say that the training at PUMA has paid off!

PUMA Mitarbeiterin
Nicole Volmer Industrial Clerk

Broadening Horizons

Working at PUMA became a wish of mine since I visited a trade fair for education and studies in Nuremberg. Just how passionate the representatives were about their brand, while being totally down-to-earth, and their openness while answering all my questions made it clear to me that I wanted to be a part of PUMA. Shortly after, I sent my application for an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and, luckily, it all worked out for me!

Since then, I have been constantly learning and experiencing new things. I can broaden my horizon due to the different departments I am going through during my apprenticeship. Especially all the exciting and versatile projects and events I’ve been involved in are making my time at PUMA truly unforgettable and unique. I mean, helping with the composition of new collections, communicating with local influencers and casually chatting with Usain Bolt doesn’t sound that bad, right?

Another outstanding thing that I can experience is the people I get to meet there every day. The variety of different cultures that come together at PUMA makes it easy to connect with people from all over the world. To that effect, I am also able to develop my English skills and become more open towards making new acquaintances.

But my number one highlight is the time that I got to spend in London together with a group of other apprentices. It was within the scope of a stay abroad which is organized by the cooperating vocational school, including a language course and an internship at the PUMA office there.

All in all, I am looking forward to even more thrilling memories I will make in the future, and continue to be Forever Faster with PUMA!