External Audits

Compliance with our Code of Conduct is monitored on a regular basis by our PUMA team, and in partnership with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Better Work Program of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for external support. The PUMA compliance program has been accredited by the Fair Labor Association since 2007. Additionally, PUMA is a Global Buyer Partner of the Better Work Program.

In the area of social compliance, we have made the decision to divide our supplier base into core suppliers, who are responsible for over 80 percent of our business volume, and non-core suppliers, who may be used on a less frequent basis and with lower order volumes.

We continue to assess both core and non-core suppliers for compliance on a regular basis, but focus our own team’s efforts on our core suppliers, while non-core suppliers are covered by third-party auditors.


Founded in 1999, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) represents a collaborative effort of socially responsible companies, colleges and universities, and civil society organizations. FLA holds participating companies accountable for monitoring 100% of their own supply chains to ensure that they meet FLA labor standards. In addition, FLA conducts independent assessments of a random sample of companies' supplier factories. PUMA became a member in 2004.



Better Work is an innovative partnership program between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Operational since 2009, Better Work aims to improve both compliance with labor standards and competitiveness in global apparel supply chains. In 2012 PUMA deepened its engagement with the Better Work program by becoming a Buyer Partner, promoting the core labor standards of the ILO and the development of mature industrial relations. As a Buyer Partner, PUMA commits to using only Better Work audits in lieu of its own social assessments in relevant markets in Vietnam, Cambodia, Jordan and Bangladesh as part of a strategic commitment to bring down social audit fatigue. PUMA also supports Better Work’s expansion to related industries such as footwear.