Supply Chain

PUMA football shoe production in Vietnam

Being a multinational corporation, we hold the view that an increasingly networked global economy does not only pose risks but provides opportunities as well. This involves the creation of new jobs in emerging and developing countries, the export of know-how and environmental and social standards and the import of new ideas from different cultures. A sudden withdrawal from our sourcing countries wouldn’t be a fair and sustainable solution because it wouldn’t change the current situation in the factories. Having a major stake due to high order volumes, PUMA and other global brands can actively exert influence and enforce international standards. 

We do not just want to provide high-quality products, but it is our duty to ensure that these products are manufactured in workplaces where human rights are respected and workers’ health and safety as well as the environment are protected.

PUMA takes on the responsibility for everybody involved in the production process, whether a PUMA employee or not.

However, this responsibility cannot replace nor substitute the responsibility of our vendors within their own manufacturing facilities.

Our “Code of Conduct” expresses the expectations we have of our vendors. It is integrated into our manufacturing agreement, which delimits the business relationship we share with our partners. PUMA takes this shared responsibility seriously.

We reserve the right to terminate business relations with any partner who does not respect the letter or the spirit of our Code of Conduct or Corporate Sustainability Policies.

Only by partnering up with our vendors we will be able to have a positive impact and contribute to making a better world for the communities we operate in, the workers who make our great products, our customers and our own employees and, of course, for future generations.