PUMA respects Human Rights. This respect defines our engagement with the societies in which we operate, and with our partners throughout our supply chain.

PUMA respects the environment. We are determined to manage, reduce and report on the impact on the environment of both our organization and our supply chain.  

These two commitments are expressed publically and transparently in the PUMA Code of Conduct.

In order to comply with PUMA Code of Conduct, all our vendors must meet the required environmental, chemical, social and occupational health & safety standards, as laid out in the “PUMA Sustainability Handbooks” These standards may exceed local legal requirements, where differences or conflicts arise, the highest standard shall apply.

Sustainability and environmental protection guidelines are to be found in the “Environmental Standards” handbooks.

Chemicals and restricted substances guidelines are explained in the "Chemical Management" handbooks.

Employment and labor guidelines are to be found in the “Social Standards” handbooks.

Health and safety guidelines are to be found in the “Occupational Health & Safety” handbooks.

All PUMA vendors are contractually bound to pursue only business relationships with subcontractors that are in compliance with these established guidelines.

The PUMA Sustainability Handbooks are subject to continuous updates and improvement. Therefore, suggestions and are always welcome via email to: sustain@puma.com


Legal Disclaimer:

The content of those handbooks is not meant to replace local or national regulations, nor will following these guidelines guarantee that all regulations are complied with. It remains the sole responsibility of our own entities, vendors and their subcontractors to ensure compliance with all local and national regulations at all times.