Talks at Banz

Banz Monastery in Bad Staffelstein, Germany

Since the first Talks at Banz took place in 2003, this stakeholder dialogue format initiated by PUMA at the Banz Monastery in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, has evolved from a small discussion ‘round-table’ format to an innovative and forward-thinking debate in which representatives from NGOs, industry, suppliers, creative fields, universities, private organizations and PUMA addressing key sustainability issues PUMA is facing. The intense dialogue with our stakeholders has always provided us with valuable and constructive feedback on our sustainability strategy.

Talks at Banz 2016 – DRIVING CHANGE

On November 14th, our 13th Talks at Banz started at the Banz Monastery in Bad Staffelstein, Germany.

For two days, around 50 representatives from NGOs, governmental organizations, academia and sustainability experts from different industries have been discussing together with PUMA colleagues on how to drive positive change as well as gave feedback on how to implement our 10FOR20 Sustainability Targets.

Topics at this year's Talks at Banz have been as diverse as ever. A welcome from our CEO Bjørn Gulden and our Global Director SourceCo Michael Bennett was followed by a reiteration of our Sustainability Strategy from our Head of Corporate Sustainability Stefan Seidel. Then, we initiated discussions on topics ranging from solutions for positive impact, drivers for change or human rights (on the first day) to lifecycle thinking and sustainable consumption and industry convergence of social standards (on the second day). The meeting was closed by our COO Lars Sørensen who also defined the key takeaways.

Besides presentations, for example on the situation of refugees in Turkey, the main focus was on active discussions within smaller groups that would offer practical advice and concrete steps on how to achieve our targets.

The participant list can be found here: Banz 2016 Participants List (PDF)

Talks at Banz 2015

Having evolved from a small discussion ‘round-table’ format to an innovative and forward-thinking debate, PUMA invited a group of external and internal stakeholders to the 12th Talks at Banz in November 2015 around the subject “Mainstreaming Sustainability.” More than 40 national and international stakeholders and sustainability experts as well as PUMA’s CEO Bjørn Gulden and COO Lars Sørensen attended. Discussion topics centered on, amongst others, the Climate Change debate that took place in the lead-up to the UN Climate Conference in Paris, as well as the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Business.

A list of participating stakeholders can be found here (Link).

The key results of this stakeholder meeting, which provided us with valuable and constructive feedback on our sustainability strategy, are listed below:

  • PUMA needs to expand its sustainability efforts deeper into the supply chain;
  • An ambitious cotton strategy should be implemented;
  • PUMA will develop a “science-based” CO2 target to support the limitation of climate change to a maximum of 2 degrees.

Talks at Banz 2014

In November 2014, more than 70 national and international stakeholders and sustainability experts as well as members of the Board of Management of PUMA attended PUMA’s 11th Talks at Banz stakeholder meeting to exchange views regarding the topic “Value Creation through Sustainability”.

A list of all stakeholders attending the 11th Talks at Banz can be found here: Participant List 11th Talks at Banz (PDF)

The key results of the stakeholder meeting were:

  • Total phase out of poly-fluorinated hydro carbons until 31.12.2017;
  • Further strengthening of the PUMA sustainable compliance program with reference to legal and global industry standards;
  • Manifestation of sustainability as a clear company value while meeting the needs
  • of the market;
  • Focus on commercial products with a clear emphasis on design and functionality
  • first with sustainability embedded; to better integrate sustainability into the brand messaging of PUMA.


At the 10th Annual “Talks at Banz” Stakeholder Meeting in June 2013, foremost experts and decision makers met in the Banz Monastery in Bad Staffelstein to inform, engage and connect on the topic “How to let Consumers live and support Sustainability”. The event gathered together more than 60 of PUMA’s key stakeholders from various countries and organizations. The discussion topics focused on shifting consumer behavior, effectively engaging consumers, ensuring social and environmental standards in the supply chain and improving transparency across the industry.

Numerous key stakeholders such as Greenpeace, WWF, the Fair Labor Association, Save the Children, Transparency International, the Awaj Foundation Dhaka, UNEP, Stiftung 2 Grad and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition participated. In addition to valuable reflection and feedback upon PUMA’s sustainability strategy and practices,

  • Stakeholder input was incorporated into the PUMA sustainability strategy
  • PUMA declared its intention to sign the Bangladesh Accord
  • PUMA committed to meeting with the Government of Cambodia regarding justice for factory workers