bluesign® System Partnership

PUMA is a bluesign system partner since 2014. Our goal is to increase the use of bluesign® approved materials in our collection.

The independent bluesign® system pursues the unique approach to minimize the environmental impact throughout the production process. The so-called Input Stream Management ensures that all during the production process applied substances and raw materials are already verified in advance of the production. In other words: Instead of testing finished products bluesign® system is applied at the point where the production starts. This means, that suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands have to go through rigorous tests in order to verify compliance with bluesign® criteria.

The bluesign® system focus guarantees the application of sustainable ingredients in a clean process at which end stands a safely manufactured product. As a result, the textile industry manages the natural resources soundly and responsibly, reduces water and air emissions, improves its waste water treatment and generally reduces its ecological footprint.

With this holistic approach, the bluesign® system unites all partners of the textile industry in order to realize an environmentally friendly, sustainable textile production worldwide.

The bluesign® system is based on five principles:

  • Resource productivity
  • Consumer safety
  • Water emission
  • Air emission
  • Occupational health & safety

For more information please visit the bluesign technologies website.