Environmental Profit and Loss Account

PUMA Supplier Factory in Vietnam

In 2011, PUMA established – as the first company ever – an Environmental Profit & Loss Account (E P&L). 



Our operations and supply chain depend on nature for services such as fresh water, clean air, healthy biodiversity and productive land. The PUMA E P&L is the first attempt to measure the immense value of these services to our business, and the true costs of our business’s impacts on nature by placing a monetary value on them along our entire value chain.

After the widely recognized launch of the first EP&L by PUMA in 2011 and the publication of an EP&L for selected products in 2012, the year 2013 marked the start of the next chapter of the corporate EP&L. For this, PUMA works closely together with its French parent company Kering, who has taken on the ambitious aim to establish a group wide EP&L. The first E P&L on a group level has now been published.


For complete information on Kering's E P&L, please visit the link below: