PUMA invents Football Jacket that keeps Players warm and cool

January 27, 2016

evoTRG Vent Jacket is chosen as Winner in ISPO AWARD 2016

Sports company PUMA has invented a jacket with dynamic thermoregulation. The evoTRG Vent Jacket has ergonomically-placed inserts that adapt during football moves: they open when in motion to keep players cool and close when the movement stops to keep them warm. The latest innovation by PUMA was chosen as Winner in the ISPO AWARD 2016 category Apparel Performance Products Outer Layer.

"The exact movements that make an athlete hot are converted and used to cool them down," said Charles Johnson, Global Director Innovation. "That functional dynamic informed the visual language of the jacket. That's what makes it special."

When sport activity increases, so does the body temperature. Sweat buildup and heat create a humid climate inside apparel that make it uncomfortable. Traditional performance apparel deals with this condition by using performance textiles and zippers and vents that are all static. The evoTRG Vent Jacket, on the other hand, provides temperature control with technical stretch mesh that assists in ventilation and allows for freedom of movement. In addition, windCell ensures protection against wind to minimize the loss of body temperature. The vent Thermo-R jacket demonstrated a better cooling technology in terms of skin temperature compared to the closed vent and vented control jackets. Skin temperature decreases appeared higher after 10 minutes compared to 20 minutes, and were on average 0.4°C cooler.