Herzogenaurach / Boston, June 07, 2006

The Second Instalment of “WILLKOMMEN ZUM FUSSBALL” the World Cup Advertising Campaign from PUMA® Premiers


Today, the second half of PUMA’s World Cup Advertising campaign premiers. “The Trial” is the conclusion to the “12 Nations Story” – the teaser phase of PUMA’s dedicated World Cup advertising campaign “WILLKOMMEN ZUM FUSSBALL” – (German for Welcome To Football), and is the brand’s largest global football effort to date.

The “12 Nations Story” launched in mid May with a print and TV teaser campaign. The creative depicts World Cup fever spreading across the globe. Fans and players from all over the world are exhibiting a remarkable change in the standard of play and level of enthusiasm for the game.

The reveal phase presents evidence that points to the secret source of this newfound football fervor. In a dramatic courtroom scene someone is being accused of having given fans and PUMA sponsored athletes an advantage.
In “The Trial” it comes to light that football great, Pelé, is in fact the man in question. Now, he must answer to a fictional governing body of football, the Global International Football Organization (GIFO). The contents of the packages given to the players are revealed and Pelé must respond to the accusations. In the closing moments of the TV spot, Pelé finally speaks and delivers a special message to the football world.
“The Trial” premiers worldwide on June 8 with 30, 60 second TV spots and is supported by print and outdoor formats, online and ambient media.

The “WILLKOMMEN ZUM FUSSBALL” TV ad campaign is directed by Tarsem – award-winning ad filmmaker and director of Hollywood blockbuster “The Cell” and the forthcoming film “Westworld”.