PUMA® honors football great PELÉ

Herzogenaurach, Germany, June 07, 2006

Sharing passion and excitement for football …at PeléStation

It gives PUMA great pleasure to be an Official Sponsor of the PeléStation Exhibition in Berlin. The state of the art exhibition honors ‘O Rei’ with technological and interactive installations that emphasize the immortality of Pelé’s achievements as well as his irresistible personality.

Few if any brands can match PUMA’s proud heritage in football and few if any players have enjoyed an iconic status as Pelé – the world’s greatest player of all time. A former PUMA sponsored athlete, Pelé’s love for the game and his record-breaking career is an integral part of PUMA’s past and its present.

“I think everybody knows that PUMA is synonymous with football…I used to be sponsored by PUMA,” said Pelé. “Now we are back together and I am very happy to be a part of the family again.”

Pelé is synonymous with joy and entertainment. As such, the PUMA sponsored section within PeléStation pays homage to his prime attributes. Showcasing excerpts from PUMA’s dedicated World Cup™ advertising campaign; exhibition visitors are introduced to the evidence that confirm Pelé’s greatness as a player and as a person. This iconic football legend that brings passion and excitement to the game of football all over the world, is personified in just three words – “WILLKOMMEN ZUM FUSSBALL”. German for “Welcome to Football” these three words are more than just a campaign headline, they are a special message to the football world delivered by Pelé in the closing moments of a dramatic courtroom scene which perfectly embody Pelé’s attitude to the game that he single-handedly took to a different level.

“Love, passion and football are the three words that come to my mind when thinking about Pelé,” said Jochen Zeitz, PUMA Chairman and CEO. “We are inspired by Pelé’s presence and we are excited to be working with this remarkable football legend once again.”

Earlier this year the sportslifestyle brand and the football legend collaborated to reveal a Pelé signature collection for the Spring 2006 season, marking the football icons return to the fold and the start of a new relationship. PUMA celebrates this rejuvenated co-operation with Pelé by supporting PeléStation and ensuring that future generations honor the man who led and continues to lead by example on and off the pitch.

The PeléStation exhibition is at Potsdamer Platz and can be reached by PUMA’s UNITED FOR AFRICA Charity Tram. The Tram is part of PUMA’s “WELCOME TO FOOTBALL” circuit connects the PUMA Store (Hackescher Markt), PUMA HQ Café Moskau (near Alexanderplatz) and stops at Oranienburger Straße with a direct connection to the the PeléStation Exhibition