PUMA operates its own retail stores in more than 40 countries worldwide. With over 600 Stores, we employ more than 5000 people in consumer facing positions which range from Sales Assistant through to Store Manager.

In addition to consumer facing roles, a wide variety of functional support roles exist to assist the stores in providing exceptional customer service, such as Buying, Planning, Allocation, Store Design, Visual Merchandising, Store Operations, Marketing, Staff Training, HR, Finance and IT. These functions operate at country, regional and global levels and are field or office based.

The purpose of PUMA operating its own retail stores is to:

  • Create brand enhancing shopping experiences for our consumers
  • Be present in specific retail locations in order to be a credible brand
  • Create points of access for consumers to find PUMA products

In addition to its owned and operated stores, PUMA has over 2000 franchise stores in an additional 60 countries worldwide.

With such functional diversity and multiple locations around the globe, various career paths can open up. Discover our current vacancies in Retail and build your own career path.
Below showcases three different career paths which some of our PUMA employees have taken:



Melissa Mauro


With PUMA since 2006



Martín Isabella


With PUMA since 2004



Yuliya Davidenko


With PUMA since 2008



Melissa`s career path

  • Store Manager, Tannersville, USA
  • Store Manager, Leesburg, USA
  • Store Manager, Sawgrass, USA
  • Retail Operations Specialist, North America

The valuable experience that Melissa was able to gain as a Store Manager now comes to the fore in her job as an Operations Specialist. With creativity and a problem-solving attitude, she contributes to the advancement of our sales figures.

Martín`s career path:

  • Assistant to Commercial Director, Argentina
  • Retail Partner Store Manager, Argentina
  • Retail Product Line Manager, Argentina
  • Retail Country Manager, Argentina

Martin has gone far at PUMA with a combination of technical skills, analytical abilities, an eye for the best strategy, and perfect English. Today, he leads one of the largest teams in Argentina, consisting of 250 people from 36 different sales companies.

Yuliya`s career path:

  • Store Manager, Lugansk, Ukraine
  • Retail Training Manager, Ukraine
  • Retail Training Manager, Ukraine & Russia
  • Retail Trainer, Europe

Yuliya stands out with her distinct business sense and extensive knowledge of operational processes. In addition, she has excellent communication skills and valuable experience in coaching and personnel development, which is why today she is successfully employed as a trainer for the European region.



One thing connects all of us within retail and that is how we create unforgettable experiences for our consumers. Those moments of truth we have with our customers, every minute of every day, reflect upon our brand. For this reason we invest in training our retail teams in order to ensure we master the rules and change the game.

Before you can start playing the game, you need to know who the players are, who’s on your team, who’s your competition and what is your plan of attack. Only then can you master the rules and change the game.

1. YOU

You’re the first player in the game, by thinking about your gameplan everyday, you can make PUMA a faster better place to be.


The people you work with aren’t just colleagues, they’re your teammates. If we work faster together, we can have a bigger impact.


We are Forever Faster and we must show this to the world. Not everyone is innately faster, but we can work to show our customers and clients how to become faster with us.

To help master these rules and change the game we developed PUMA University...

Puma University

Established in 2009, the mission of PUMA University is to contribute to the long term desirability of our brand through the pursuit of training, education and development at the highest global levels.

PUMA University represents an innovative and effective way to raise the skill levels of retail employees by developing a team of internal, global trainers and training them in a core curriculum. Individuals are selected as part of PUMA’s Talent Development program and experience a Train the Trainer program to deliver retail, brand and leadership skills development sessions in their specific markets. The trainers are introduced to fundamental communication, coaching and training skills. In addition they build intense self-awareness about their strengths and potential weak spots as trainer/coach and leader through an in-depth understanding of psychological type. They learn how to train the core PUMA retail modules of within the areas of Sales and Sevice Skills, Leadership Skills, Functional Skills, Product Knowledge and Brand Knowledge. The advantages to this process are numerous and include:

  • Higher retention levels for trainers as they build their personal skill set;
  • An enlarged talent pool for internal promotions and career progression;
  • Globally consistent training delivery;
  • Common retail language;
  • Enhanced employee motivation levels.

This process is now primarily delivered using internal PUMA University alumni which also ensures its longevity and renewal.


Feedback from our employees show the concept is a winner and that PUMA University will produce many more game changers.

Here are some of their comments: