Our All-around Wellbeing Program

Each day, as we settle down to work, we are filled with commitment, passion and a sense of enjoyment. However, our health and operational efficiency depend to a large extent on our personal wellbeing. We cannot perform well unless we feel comfortable in our work environment, and companies wishing to retain their employees over the long term must be aware of this fact. PUMA has therefore launched its comprehensive wellbeing program, with the primary objective of providing a positive workplace and promoting the wellbeing of all PUMA employees.

Check out our Wellbeing Map to learn about our different programs and offers*. These focus on 4 core areas:

Sport is at the very heart of our work! The Physical Wellbeing path on our map features sporting activities of all kinds. From sport and leisure activities to competitions through to our company physician – your physical wellbeing is our priority.

Your families are important to us! We aim to combine work and family by providing childcare facilities, parent/child offices, school holiday programs for employees’ children, and support for all issues arising from the care of children and dependent family members. Regular events and functions are also held for all PUMA employees.

In structural terms, too, PUMA has plenty to offer its staff members. For instance, we reimburse 100% of daily commuting expenses on local public transport, offer a pension plan and travel insurance, enable flexible working hours and the option of working from different locations, subsidize our company canteen, grant employee discounts, etc. etc. …

High performance needs relaxation. For this reason PUMA also supports the mental wellbeing of its employees. To promote the fitness of both body and mind we offer workshops on topics such as stress management and work-life balance. With our comprehensive catalog of training courses and virtual learning platform we also provide a good learning environment.

Move your mouse over the various map markers to find out more. (* Features may vary from location to location)

Note: The functionality of the Wellbeing-Map is only available in the desktop version of the website.