HR Development

In the sporting world the aim is to discover and develop talented athletes. At PUMA this is part of our philosophy too.

What counts above all in the Human Resources Development Department is the development and retention of our employees. People who work for PUMA are part of our team from the very beginning and are encouraged and supported.

To achieve this goal every day, our work and our career progression program are based on

  • mutual respect
  • valuing each individual employee
  • a multicultural and non-discriminatory environment


For us, values do not just exist on paper. We live them.

As a global player we recruit and foster talented employees from all over the world so we can retain them in our performance-based corporate culture. We create international career options and encourage promotions with the talented individuals from among our own ranks.

Our four-part career progression model based on our core competencies is the driving force: the Training Course Catalog, the International Leadership Program, Talent Management & Development and Peer Coaching.

Discover our career progression program for senior employees and see for yourself how we can provide the best plan for your career.


The focus of our Training Course Catalog is on the development of personal and social competencies and development training in specialist subjects for all employees and for our senior staff in particular. Our entire program is based on core competencies that we have defined ourselves. Thus, we have a solid model as a foundation.

From development training in the classic soft skills such as communication and negotiation and training in time and resource management to intercultural training courses, language and IT seminars, our development training represents a 360° package.

The International Leadership Program (ILP) is a key component of PUMA’s global training program. Here we clarify what leadership means for us. The ILP allows us to strengthen not only the regional and international networks of our senior staff and also to help them evolving personally. At the same time we integrate our corporate values into everyday management.


The overall goals of the program are to:

  • Convey a general understanding of what leadership means at PUMA
  • Enable our management staff to live our vision every day
  • Equip our management staff with leadership tools
  • Offer a forum for our management staff
  • Prepare senior staff members for future challenges

PUMA’s success is based on our employees. This is why your career progression is so important to us. In the Talent Management & Development Department we identify the personal development and talents of each employee and structure our training program accordingly.


The foundation is our Talent Management System PEOPLE @PUMA with the following functionalities:

- PUMA Competence Management
- PUMA Performance Management
- PUMA Development Evaluation
- PUMA Development Plan


Here we document existing potential, establish annual performance objective agreements, conduct feedback discussions and offer a clear overview of our training program. Everything to foster our employees in the best way possible.

In addition to our individual coaching our career progression program also utilizes group coaching as an important method.

This is how we create the optimum environment for self-study and development for our employees. Through reflection and communication with other employees we offer the most communicative form of development training for all members of PUMA.