PUMA: a name that represents sports and a sports-inspired lifestyle. Our products are as unique and diverse as our customers from all over the world.

For PUMA diversity is not about seeing what is different in others but rather what we have in common. We are designers, product managers, marketing experts, strategists, controllers and much more. Above all we are people who are passionate about sports and want to make things happen in accordance with our brand vision Forever Faster.

Diversity inspires us.

Every day, we are energized by the ideas and creativity of people from 35 different countries. They provide us with the motivation to create an environment where inspiration knows no bounds,

regardless of their

  • nationality,
  • ethnicity,
  • country of origin,
  • religion,
  • or world view

and completely independent of their

  • age,
  • gender,
  • and sexual orientation.

We are bound by our Code of Ethics, Diversity Charter and our cultural inclusion.

At PUMA respect and tolerance are not just empty words, they are a commitment. Since 2005 we have been adhering to the Code of Ethics and since 2010 to the Diversity Charter.
By means of cross-cultural training we encourage a deeper understanding of one another in our daily routines. As part of their onboarding we aim to provide cross-cultural training to all new recruits at PUMA and implement this across all our subsidiaries worldwide. This enables us to appreciate our cultural differences from the outset and reinforce what we have in common; empowering us to grow closer as a team.

Equality of opportunity is a challenge for us.

Diversity is an opportunity but at the same time it is an ongoing challenge to us and our Diversity Management program. Ensuring equal opportunities between men and women is another challenge.
We want to do more to promote women. Therefore we increased the number of women in leading positions to 37% in 2015. 

PUMA aims to continuously support the development of women in management positions and to set an example of a diverse company with equal opportunities for both genders.

To achieve this, we are conducting training specifically for women in management roles and are enabling all our employees – male and female – to do exactly what suits the circumstances of their private lives and their careers: Through flexible working hours, the ability to bring their children into our onsite parent-child offices and to take advantage of our extensive cooperations with childcare facilities.

Feedback inspires us.

At PUMA talent and qualifications count. This is the basis on which we recruit and promote talents, including giving feedback. Objectively and respectfully, in line with our corporate culture. Our employees learn how to do this properly in management and communication training. We are also good listeners. Only if we know what is bothering our employees, we can do something about it.

Our latest survey shows: The majority of our employees feel they are treated fairly. This strengthens our conviction that we should continue our chosen path. The results confirm that we are an attractive employer that offers our employees a great scope for development and the opportunity to assume responsibility regardless of age, origin or gender.


The many voices of diversity.

PUMA Code of Ethics (PDF Download)

Diversity Charter (PDF Download)