All eyes on our products But never losing sight of the market.

From the first idea to the market introduction of a product, many cogs have to mesh so that in the end we achieve one thing: the best quality in all departments. Every one of our departments is a cog and contributes in its way to our success.

An overview of the PUMA departments:




Our Product Management departments are divided into Apparel, Footwear and Accessories. Here, everything centers on the identification and realization of trends and sales analyses, as well as the development of collection and market strategies.

Working closely with the Design and Development departments, market and competitor studies on the international level are also performed here. All to achieve the common goal: a collection that meets the market demands and excites our customers.

The day-to-day work of Product Management includes also the development of product accessories and packaging as well as the preparation of the entire sales support program.



In the Design department, everything from the first concept drawings to the completion of international sportswear collections focuses on expressing the look of PUMA.

That includes the preparation of presentation boards, technical sketches, color and material suggestions, designs and graphics, and the day-to-day work such as working with Technology and Development to develop product specifications such as sketches, artwork, size tables, etc



The Development department is behind the development of our product lines. This is where fabric, component, and material selections are made, the technical style description is formulated, and the fit control and monitoring of all patterns are worked out.

The day-to-day work also includes communication and cooperation with manufacturers and component suppliers, and the development of whole collections together with Product Management and Design.



Based in Boston, the Global Brand Marketing team is responsible for the development and execution of global market strategies, our global and creative marketing orientation, and the brand history of PUMA. Everything here centers on these five core areas: Brand Management, Consumer Marketing, Commercial Marketing, Creative Production, and Marketing Planning.



Brand Management always has an eye on the PUMA brand message. For this, reports are written, seasonal briefings composed, brand standards established, brand knowledge shared, and long-term brand strategies created.



The Consumer Marketing department is responsible for the development of integrated marketing plans. This includes above all the awareness of important communication measures such as product launches and promoting brand campaigns.



This is where PUMA’s strategists are. Of course, they are responsible for our marketing strategy. But also the creation of a marketing plan and its communication to and within all retail, wholesale, and e-commerce channels.



This is where our creative orientation is set. Regardless of whether it involves tonality, design, or materials – Creative Production is our creative control center.



The Marketing Planning department is responsible for overseeing investments in the global and regional marketing administration of communication planning processes, working with our regional teams and leading the entire marketing budgeting process. This is where plans are made and the foundation for the success of PUMA is laid.



The main job of PUMA Merchandising is to ensure that the brand strategy is optimally implemented from a commercial point of view and in the eyes of our end customers.

To do that, we identify business opportunities and compile convincing and profitable ranges which are perfectly in tune with the demands of the various markets.

PUMA Merchandising also provides the teams from Product, Marketing, and Sales with valuable information, strategies, and appropriate tools for the success of PUMA.



In the HR department, naturally the focus is especially on one thing: our employees and their development and retention.

Our PUMA HR development strategy relies on a sustainable concept. This is based on the early identification of talent and its further development in order to achieve a growth goal which we always keep firmly in mind.

As an active and service-oriented HR department, the business partners act as a link between management and employees and ensure that the needs of all involved are taken into account. In order to support our customers in all personnel matters, we continually improve our HR processes in order to accelerate organizational efficiency.



Here it is all about numbers. The financial control of PUMA is located in our finance center in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The key component of the scope of duties is the monthly, quarterly, and annual balance sheets, financial corporate planning, and qualitative and quantitative (financial) analyses and reporting.

The Finance department includes the following divisions:



This division is responsible for corporate accounting and the external reporting of the PUMA Group in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS).



Group Controlling is the key, reliable contact for corporate management, a wide variety of corporate departments (such as Merchandising and Retail), as well as regional and national affiliates.



This division controls all of the company’s treasury activities with the corresponding guideline authority and functions as an operative treasury department of the holding company.



Along with fiscal consulting for a wide variety of corporate departments, the Group Tax division is also responsible for the fiscal oversight of (strategic) projects and acts as a contact for tax authorities.



PUMA’s ‘communications central’. Here it’s all about our corporate identity: inward and outward.

Our spokespeople communicate economic and financial subjects such as quarterly figures and corporate strategy to the national and international press, arrange interviews with the Managing Directors, and handle media questions of all sorts. Topics such as the environment and society, questions about the various PUMA locations, the maintenance and expansion of our company website, and social media are important aspects of our press and public relations work.

Through our employee magazine and the intranet, we provide information to our employees all over the world and report on news and information from the PUMA world.

Foreign Trade

and Logistics

The Foreign Trade / Logistics department deals with the planning and control of logistic processes, such as transportation by air, sea, and land freight, courier service, and all warehouse activities. This includes both customs handling and the consolidation accounting of all foreign trade provisions in import and export.

In addition, there are various supply chain management tasks such as demand planning and the consolidation of production contracts of the European subsidiaries. Other teams deal with delivery to PUMA shops in Europe and order fulfillment and shipping monitoring of product patterns worldwide.



Sales teams at the PUMA locations in the different countries are all working towards the same goal: the satisfaction of our customers.

The sales team is responsible for sales of the PUMA collections (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) and is organized into various areas such as department stores, e-commerce, purchasing associations, sports retail stores, and many others.

Part of the team is in direct contact with the customers to establish what every sales team needs to know, namely, what its customers want. These employees are responsible for presenting the collections at customer sites, working in our showrooms, and representing the brand at trade shows.

However, behind the scenes, too, a sales team needs to be perfectly coordinated. Sales support is busy here with order entry, order processing, and shipment.



Four letters – one goal: sustainable development. S.A.F.E. stands for Social Accountability and Fundamental Environment and for our determination to work in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Legal Affairs


A global company must rely on comprehensive legal protection in all areas. That is why we have experts from the fields of trademark law, contract law, IT law, labor law, corporate, tax, and sponsoring working in our Legal Affairs department. Legal questions are often questions of trust – and we at PUMA trust our Legal Affairs department completely.




PUMA's global IT team, with presences across all regions, is in charge of developing and executing IT strategies and projects. Our goal is to develop and ensure operation of solutions that best support business processes for all our internal customers: from product design to sales, from sourcing to retail, from accounting to warehouse. The application portfolio includes in-house developments and industry standard packages, all using PUMA's IT foundation infrastructure. Our passionate people and tools ensure that PUMA will be forever faster.