Textile Business Economics Course

The material that will fashion your future.
The integrated degree in textile business economics.

In cooperation with the LDT Fachakademie Nagold für Textil und Schuhe we offer you a degree course that makes everyone a winner.

In 30 months you will qualify as a textile manager, working with the absolute experts in the field in both theory and practice. Because the Fachakademie Nagold für Textil und Schuhe is one of Germany’s leading academic institutions for fashion management.

So start climbing the career ladder towards the ultimate fashion industry standard and join PUMA as a student.

Course overview:

  • Campus: LDT Fachakademie in Nagold.
  • Course content:
    • Merchandising
    • Business Management
    • Fashion economics, process and marketing specific knowhow


Apply here: http://about.puma.com/en/careers/jobs-at-puma/31332