IT specialist

Expand our network. And your own.
IT specialist in applications development or system integration at PUMA.

How would you like to be right at the heart of the networking of a global company? As a trainee IT specialist, you will become part of the digital world of PUMA.

You can choose between two areas of specialization:

Applications development

This area focuses on individual software solutions. You will learn how to program, manage databases, and get insights into project management.

System integration

Behind every workflow at PUMA there is a complex network system. And you could be part of it too. If you opt for the system integration specialism, you will learn all about planning, configuring and installing and will become an expert in our diagnostics system.



Training overview:

  • Duration of training: 3 years
  • Entry requirement: intermediate school-leaving certificate or tertiary entrance qualifications
  • Two specializations to choose from: applications development or system integration
  • Challenging training content and direct integration into the PUMA team.


So why not apply today for a traineeship as an IT specialist and experience close up what makes a global business tick. Just one click is all it takes to lay the groundstone for your career at PUMA.



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