Human Resource Course

Become part of our workforce, and then manage it.
The degree program in Business Administration – Human Resource Management including Human Resource Services / Demographic Management.

The best way to learn the foundations of business management is through a blend of university and practical work experience, which only a dual-track integrated degree program can offer.

The Business Management – Human Resource Management including Human Resource Services program offers more than just a glimpse into one of the most important areas of a global corporation – you will become part of PUMA’s human resource department. 
You will be trained to assume a great amount of responsibility in this department in the future.

Jointly with the University of Baden-Württemberg we offer you the opportunity to not only learn about the world economy but to simultaneously work in it.

Overview of degree program:

  • Campus: DHBW Lörrach
  • Curriculum:
    • Traditional business studies: Business administration, economics
    • Insights into the Legal and IT departments
    • Various soft skills, such as languages, etc.
  • 12-week periods alternating between university and practical work experience
  • Periods of practical work experience at the PUMA Vision Headquarters in Herzogenaurach


At the moment we don't have any position available.