Our Brand

Going forward, PUMA will be the Fastest Sports Brand in the World. This simplified mission will result in a single brand purpose and a single consumer message. PUMA will be: "Forever Faster". The statement, a new tag line we will launch to consumers in 2014, reflects a 65 year history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet.

But "Forever" references more than just our history, and our commitment to our classic products. It's a recognition of the endless pursuit of whatever is next - in performance innovations, in cultural trends, and in style and fashion. While "Faster" is more than just delivering the rational benefit of speed to athletes, we will have a single minded purpose of celebrating faster in every sense of the word - lighter products, better fit for greater agility, enhanced benefits that allow for extended training for speed, and every other possible way we can deliver the fastest products for the fastest performers. The phrase simultaneously references the emotional benefit of owning speed - the thrill, the fun, and the swagger of Usain Bolt himself, the man who best personifies this new strategy and ambition.

While Forever Faster is the new brand platform for PUMA, it will also be the guiding principles for the company in its action and decisions: Our objective is to be fast in reacting to new trends, fast in innovations, fast in decision making and fast in solving problems for our partners.