Say goodbye to the gray university theory - during an internship with us. This does not only give you the opportunity to get to know the exciting and diversified world of the sporting goods industry, but also the chance to learn more about yourself, your fields of interest and the career opportunities. Getting an internship at PUMA depends on your field of study, our current projects and resources. The prerequisites for an internship at PUMA are:

  • You are enrolled at a university or college (please attach respective document to your application
  • Minimum duration for an internship: 4 months, 6 months are preferred
  • Mandatory internship preferred

The following fields of study are especially interesting for us:

  • Clothing and textile technology
  • Sports and economics or management
  • Design (Fashion, Product or Graphics)
  • Shoe technology
  • Textile management
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science

Moreover we expect a high level of commitment and enthusiasm for sports. If your English is fluent, you are experienced in using MS Office applications and are a flexible teamplayer, PUMA is the right place to work for you.

You can find our current internship openings at Intern@PUMA.


If you are interested in one or more of the internships posted, please submit
your application via email and attach your

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • School and university/college certificates, internships references(if available)
  • Certificate of enrollment (official university document)
  • Confirmation from your university whether it is a mandatory or voluntary internship.


Discover the world of PUMA! Get to know our business during an internship in one of the following areas:

International Sales
International Sales is responsible for the international sales and key account management for our most important customers. Evaluation of international market data, sector-specific statistics and publications play a particularly decisive role.

Marketing / International Marketing
Our team in the area of International Marketing is involved in the planning and implementation of international marketing strategies. Marketing communication in the relevant countries plays a decisive role here. An important task is the support and monitoring of marketing activities in the sub-areas of International Media, PR, Events and Promotion.

Lifestyle Marketing PUMA Germany
The Lifestyle Marketing Team is responsible for all brand building activities of the PUMA brand in close communication with the target group of the avantgarde and early adopters. We define the strategic positioning of PUMA Lifestyle marketing in alignment with the Trade Marketing, PR, Sales and Merchandising departments.

Marketing Services PUMA Germany
This department is responsible for all productions, the organization and alignment of the PUMA catalogues, print campaigns and all graphic activities as well as the production of give-aways and POP-material.

Trade Marketing PUMA Germany
The Trade Marketing department is responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of of all customized and customer orientated Marketing activities (promotins, events, sell in, sell through) of PUMA Germany.

Sportsmarketing PUMA Germany
The Sportsmarketing Team PUMA Germany is responsible for the acquisition and marketing of players, athletes and clubs as well as performance related consumer events and promotions. We define the strategic positioning of PUMA Performance Marketing in alignment with the Trade Marketing, PR, Sales and Merchandising departments.

Public Relations PUMA Germany
The PR department is responsible for the public affairs of PUMA Germany. The assignment includes the conception, implementation and evaluation of all PR-activities for the sport-performance, sport-lifestyle and sport-fashion products, activities and news.

Corporate Communications
Our area of Corporate Communications assumes the tasks of a press office, focusing on brand and company, commercial and financial communication, environment and social responsibility, as well as internal communication. In addition to this, preparing and organizing press conferences and events, web content management, corporate publishing and editing work for in-house publications play an important role.

Product Management (Accessories/Footwear/Apparel)
The Product Management department is responsible for developing collection and market strategies for special product lines, as well as for producing and implementing sales forecasts and analyses. The team also creates market and competition studies at an international level. This calls for close cooperation with our Design and Development teams to ensure that each of the collections also fulfills market requirements.

Design (Footwear/Apparel/Graphics)
Our Design teams create the entire collection in cooperation with the Research & Development and Product Management departments. The team is responsible for producing the final international sports fashion collections and designs, as well as for preparing presentation documents, technical drawings, color and material suggestions and graphics.

Research & Development (Apparel/Footwear)
Research & Development develops the entire PUMA collection in cooperation with the product line managers and designers. The development of the collection involves selecting substances or materials, working out styles based on price, technical style descriptions, as well as fit checks and tracking of all samples. This also includes entering our data into the internal PUMA computer system (PRM = Product Range Manager).

Int'l Projects & Applications
Int'l Projects & Applications is an IT department that deals with general acceptance, evaluation and implementation of international IT projects as well as monitoring and streamlined coordination among all global PUMA systems. The project managers for each system collaborate closely with special branches sich as product-related branches or other IT departments. If you are a registered student of Business Informatics or Business Administration, you are welcome to take part in our international project management. You will gain experience in Business Intelligence, Lotus Notes, JAVA Applications and Labelling. Furthermore you will work with an article's life cycle-administration and the strategic approach to vitalize PUMA’s supply chain.

Retail Management
Our Retail department develops and sets up new PUMA concept stores, shops and outlets worldwide. One of the most important tasks is establishing an internationally standardized "PUMA buying experience". From a standardized store concept (set-up, presentation of goods, collections) via standardized visual merchandising right through to the final marketing tools and standardized retail communication internally and externally.
As an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the following
sub-areas of our Retail Management:
Retail Operations / Retail Communications / Retail Marketing.

Our IT department deals with all matters relating to PCs & Macs, from purchasing and installation, right through to user service. It also configures and manages a large part of the global PUMA network. This includes user administration on Novell & Windows 2000/NT, creating and maintaining communication lines between the various PUMA locations and monitoring them. In addition, the department also deals with (server-based) applications, from the planning stage right through to introduction, training and maintenance/updating.

Our Controlling team is involved with the controlling of PUMA SE or PUMA Group as a whole. Here, cost planning plays an important role, as does monthly reporting and/or consolidation of the results of our other PUMA country representations.

S.A.F.E. department
The Social Accountability and Fundamental Environment (S.A.F.E.) department is involved with the topic of sustained development or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Legal Affairs
In addition to the general tasks of a legal department, our Legal Affairs department deals especially with the tasks of intellectual property rights. This involves, among other things, the processing of brand misuse cases. You can find our current internship openings at Intern@PUMA
Supply Chain
The Supply Chain team is responsible for all areas of Supply Chain Management. This involves the progression from demand planning and forecasting right through to the customer sales order and raw materials stage, supply, production and distribution of products to the customer. Working together with PUMA subsidiaries, Sourcing, IT and other international functions will play an important role. Due to the nature of the job, being an analytical thinker with some business intelligence affinity are crucial skills. Communication skills are also very important due to the fact that PUMA is an international company.

Are you interested in gaining work experience outside Germany? You will find the internship opportunities at our headquarters in Boston, London and Hong Kong under Intern@PUMA.

If you are interested in an internship at another PUMA location, please contact our subsidiaries directly. The addresses are available under Contact PUMA.